BOISE Visitor Guide

BOISE VISITOR GUIDE | BOISE.ORG 2 3 WELCOME TABLE OF CONTENTS Greetings from Boise, Idaho! Idaho’s capital city is situated in the high desert of southwestern Idaho, right on the Boise River. There are 20 non-stop destination flights daily connecting our city at the foot of the Boise mountain front to the world. Boise’s stellar quality of life includes a vibrant urban downtown, cultural and culinary experiences, unique attractions and close-in outdoor recreation. When you get here, you’ll enjoy a thoroughly walkable, friendly and safe downtown. We are delighted that you are thinking about Boise as your place to visit. My hope is that once you stop in, you’ll see why we’ve made so many “Top 10” lists in the last few years. We designed this booklet to be both engaging and useful as you arrange your vacation, or use it to help you navigate the area once you are here. We’ve put lots of useful information such as where to stay, what to do, history and culture, day trips, unique parks and features along the Boise River and so much more. We’ve never met a stranger. In Boise we meet friends! Carrie Westergard, Executive Director Boise Convention & Visitors Bureau (800) 635-5240 Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce (208) 472-5205 Boise Parks & Recreation (208) 384-4240 Boise Valley Economic Partnership (208) 472-5229 Visitor Information Center (208) 810-7324 INFORMATION RESOURCES 2 Welcome 4 Connect with Boise 6 Fun Facts 8 Then & Now 10 Basques in Boise 12 Events 18 Getting Here 20 Getting Around 24 Lodging 32 Outdoors 40 Sports 42 Dining 52 Breweries 56 Wineries 60 Attractions 66 Day Trips Downtown Boise Association (208) 385-7300 Idaho Department of Commerce (208) 334-2470 Idaho State Parks & Recreation (208) 334-4199 Road Conditions Report Toll Free (888) 432-7683 Welcome